Teenage life..

I’m Selena, I’m a teenager, and life is sometimes complicated. I go to church Wednesdays and Sunday nights. I believe you can do anything you set your mind to.. I’m a fighter by heart not by nature.. I have 2 different sides to me though, I’m a Christian but when people look at me they see something else, they see a girl who tries her hardest at everything she does, who doesn’t just sit down doing nothing all day! People see me as a prep but honestly that’s not who i am, I’m neither of those girls. I’m not a girl who does her hardest at everything, because honestly i am a lazy person! i get bored easy, i am a positive person and i do have a good outlook on life, but im also not perfect, and i want people to believe me when i say i am fully committed to GOD. because i am truly am..